Monday, 16 November 2009

3rd Post

Well after reading Andi's post tonight, I real feel the need to satisfy myself. The only problem I have to deicde whether to go and have a wank in the bathroom, or wait till the wife has gone to bed and cam for some strangers to watch me cum. I find this the most satisfying. I have a third option though? I could try it on with the wife but that has become a little samey. I suppose that is what you get after 15 years together. I'll let you know later what I decided.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

2nd post

Today has been a bit hectic, I got up late (1030). I had a number of jobs i wanted to do today, so I had a quick shower and got to work.

I started in the garden clearing the leaves I managed to get most of them off the grass. As I was sweeping the pavement it started to bucket it down, and it got really cold. So I went indoors for a cuppa tea, and think of something else to do.

While I was doing this I could feel a breeze blowing on my legs, after a little investigation I found there was a gap beneath the door frame, so off to B&Q to get some sealant. How interesting is my life, is anyone still reading this?

Anyway to cut a long story short, I finsihed sealing the front and rear doors and now I'm just sat watching the footie ( Brazil v England ) I did try to play COD4 MW2 the special ops part of the game, but its nails, so if anyone has any hints or tips on how to complete it give me a shout.

Bye for now.

Friday, 13 November 2009

A first post

Well I'm just a normal guy (sort of) I cam across this place after sumbling across Andi's blog ( The sexual adventures of Andi of really intrigued me, I wish I was young again I think I would love to give the open relationship thing a go. Alas I am set in my ways now. I'm hoping some of the others involved in her life will start to blog, I would really love to know there point of veiw. I have to go and do some boring stuff I hope I can come back and tell you more of what I have found.